Advantages of LED lamps

There are several advantages to replacing existing bulbs. Why use an LED lamp?

Vorteil led High cost savings due to the most efficient technology

Vorteil led Low running costs and low maintenance due to long service life LED Lampen

Vorteil led Fade protection of merchandise because no UV & infrared radiation

Vorteil led Fatigue-free working, because completely flicker-free / hum-free

Vorteil led Can be used with motion detectors because it is 100% bright immediately

Vorteil led Suitable also for mobile applications, because insensitive to vibrations

Vorteil led Environmentally compatible without toxins such as mercury

Our information brochure about possible cost savings:

Comparing and calculating savings is child's play. We have done the maths for you and compared the most common light sources with LEDs.

Download: click here (2,5 MB)