HLFplus High-performance floodlights

You can also benefit from the outstanding technology of the HLFplus floodlights from DOTLUX.
Available in various beam angles and light colours, with daylight sensor and, on request, also with a dimming function of your choice.
A dimming function of your choice, the spotlights can be flexibly adjusted to their place of use.
Furthermore, thanks to the saltwater-resistant housing, they are also convincing in outdoor use.
with an above-average service life of 80,000 hours.
The floodlights of the HLFplus series offer you an excellent light quality even for high-definition
HD television recordings and are easy on your eyes thanks to flicker-free illumination.
The adjustable and lockable bracket also makes installation particularly easy,
because this means that the existing floodlight poles can usually continue to be used.

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