Mercury in energy-saving lamps

In the past, mercury was used in classic clinical thermometers or barometers and also in dental fillings containing amalgam. But it is a highly toxic substance! Since 2009, such thermometers have been banned in the EU. And it is not without reason that many people have their mercury-containing amalgam fillings replaced by plastic fillings. Today, this substance is still used on a large scale. Namely in the widely used energy-saving light bulbs. Mercury is a toxic heavy metal that evaporates at room temperature. The inhaled vapours have a very strong toxic effect!

The first symptoms of acute poisoning are:

  •     Headache
  •     Nausea
  •     Dizziness
  •     dry mouth and throat

A doctor should be consulted immediately or a poison control centre contacted, as the damage is usually irreparable if countermeasures are not taken immediately. An amount of 150-300 mg is considered fatal.

Unfortunately, toxic mercury is still used in energy-saving lamps. LED lamps and bulbs, on the other hand, are manufactured without any toxic substances.

Therefore, one should think carefully about whether one really wants to use them. Even though there are systems today that are supposed to prevent the mercury from being released if the lamp is damaged, no one can. Women of childbearing age and children are particularly at risk. Mercury poisoning can be fatal. No one wants to knowingly bring poison into their home.  The alternatives to the energy-saving lamp already exist. Because all LEDs are definitely free of mercury or other toxic substances.