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LED-Stehleuchten LED floor lamps LED floodlights      Strahler/Fluter
LED Wand/Deckenleuchten LED ceiling lights LED street lighting Straßenleuchten

LED-Feuchtraumleuchten LED moisture-proof lighting

LED tubes               LED T5 / T8 / T10 Leuchtstoffröhren

Why replace conventional lamps with LED luminaire?

Vorteil led100% light output without warm-up phase
Vorteil ledNo disturbing background noise
Vorteil led LED lights can be used in a variety of places due to their insensitivity to vibration.
Vorteil ledLED lights do not contain mercury.
Vorteil led LED luminaires protect sales goods from fading.

Vorteil led LED luminaires are environmentally friendly and cost-effective due to their low energy consumption.

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You want facts and figures? - Our energy saving calculator for LED lamps

energie sparen led technikThe use of energy-saving lighting with the help of LED lamps is a simple measure for companies and consumers to reduce their own energy costs by 60-90%.
You are one of those people who question critically, otherwise you would not be looking for a better lighting option that gives you a lot of leeway for design and places of use. Then use our energy-saving calculator to play through your own personal consumption and your potential savings. This way you know in advance what you will have more in your wallet afterwards. Not to mention the good feeling you'll have when you've done your part to protect the environment by simply replacing the lamps.

Our energy seal for environmentally conscious management

led kaufen siegel Our LED lights carry the energy seal because LED lights and LED lamps make a great contribution to CO2 reduction. You can also use this seal! We offer it in different sizes for embedding on your website, so that each of your visitors can see how important the use of quality in connection with environmental protection and energy efficiency is for you, too. If you wish, we can also individually calculate your achieved reduction in CO2 emissions.

We advise and support you in the conversion to LED lighting.

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